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Questions and Answers

How can I sign up for this conference?

Each conference always has a tab for "signups" for both chairs and delegates.


Are delegates required to wear business attire?

Yes, we encourage all delegates to wear business attire, however, delegates are of course not required to do so :)


Should delegates have their cameras on?

Delegates and chairs should try to keep their cameras on during committee and any additional activities. We encourage delegates to let their chairs know if they will be unable to turn on their cameras during the conference.


What awards are there?

Orpheus MUN generally offers 4 awards: Best, Outstanding, Honorable and Position Paper. Chairs may feel free to add or remove such awards after approval from a Secretariat member.


What timezone is this conference based on?

This conference runs according to GMT+2 time (Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Cyprus, Lebanon). However, the schedule on our website automatically converts to your local timezone and will reflect your timings if you're not in this region!


Is this Conference only in English?

Generally, each Orpheus MUN only features English committees. Committees in other languages may be added by the chair's discretion, in such case, delegates would be allowed to debate in that language. However, all delegates, chairs and staff are requested to speak English in English only committees.


Are position papers mandatory?

Position papers are not mandatory for this conference. However, an award will be offered for each committee and delegates are encouraged to submit a position paper.

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