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Model United Nations At Home Code of Conduct


Authored on 20th December 2020

Last updated on 8th August 2021


Safeguarding Policy

This document will outline inappropriate and unacceptable actions that might take place before, during or after the conference. This document in no way exhausts all the possible incidents and behaviors that could come up, which is why the MUNAH secretariat has the right to act as they see fit on those occasions. 


Safeguarding aim of MUNAH:

We strive to create an educational, safe and open environment for all involved individuals. 



The official and only acceptable language during MUNAH is English; this includes the conference day, zoom chat & call, WhatsApp groups, emails, etc. No other languages are allowed to be used. 


Age restriction

Secondary School & University Students can sign up to our conference. These students need to be between the ages of 15 up to 22 years old.


Inappropriate Language

We will not tolerate any type of discrimination or bullying on the basis of protected characteristics. This includes but is not limited to insults or “jokes” referring to sex, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, maternity, race, country of origin, religion or beliefs, gender, gender reassignment, preferred pronouns, political views. 

The use of slurs of all types, e.g. ethic groups, is strictly prohibited at all times. This is grounds for immediate dismissal from the conference. 

We do not tolerate any swearing; this includes the WhatsApp groups too. 


Bullying & Harassment 

Aggressive personal attacks on someone’s character or verbal abuse will not be tolerated. 



Chairs should not show any bias towards any delegates on the basis of the protected characteristics listed above. Additionally, they should not show any bias according to their previous experience with a delegate and/or interaction with the delegate prior to the conference. 


Illegal substances

Secretariat members, chairs and delegates should not be under the influence of Alcohol, Tobacco, Marijuana, Cocaine, Steroids, Cigarettes, Vape, etc. during the entirety of the conference or staff meetings. 

Romantic advances 

At no point during the conference is it appropriate or allowed for a delegate, staff member or secretariat member to make romantic or sexual advances towards another  participant. Commenting on someone’s appearance, whether positive or negative, is strictly prohibited. Especially important since the majority of participants are underage (18 years old international age). This specifically applies on conference day and the official WhatsApp Groups created by the MUNAH Secretariat. 


Personal pronouns

All personal pronouns should be respected at all times, including WhatsApp group chats, Zoom chat and call, during speeches, while speaking to participants directly, etc. They should be clearly visible on zoom along with the committee and delegation of the delegate. If any mistakes are made, it is a point of personal privilege and the participant can interrupt the speaker in order to correct them. 


WhatsApp Groups

The secretariat sets up WhatsApp group chats for all committees. It is optional for the delegates to join these groups which is why we only send invites instead of adding the delegates ourselves to these groups. Both the chairs as well as the secretariat are present in these groups. Everything mentioned in this document should be upholded in the WhatsApp groups at all times, and specifically no cursing or profanity and no pre-conference lobbying. 

We are not responsible or can be held accountable for the creation of any other group chats.



Photographs are permitted as long as all the individuals present have explicitly given permission to be in these pictures. Participants that wish to be excluded can turn off their camera.

Cameras should be on as long as you feel comfortable with that. This is highly encouraged.  


Screen Backgrounds & Profile Pictures

They should not portray offensive or inappropriate content such as but not limited to references to Nazism, Antisimetic, Homophobic, Racist, Sexist, disrespectful towards different types of religion.  Any participant that displays any of the above, will be given a warning or be automatically expelled from the conference. 



The distribution of delegate, chair or secretariat phone numbers to outside organisations or persons is strictly prohibited. 


Position papers should not contain more than 5% plagiarism. No plagiarism is allowed during the working paper, draft resolution or directive writing process. Chairs are highly encouraged to run through all of the aforementioned documents through a plagiarism checker and use their own judgement to determine whether they are indeed plagiarised. Plagiarised position papers are automatically out of the running for the position paper award, similarly to delegates plagiarising on conference day who will be excluded from the rest of the awards (Best Delegate, Outstanding Delegate & Honourable Mention).

Pre-written documents (working papers, draft resolutions or directives) are strictly prohibited. 



If time allows then all committees will be moving into FUNMUN for the last 30 minutes of the last committee session. This can only be done when a resolution or directive has been voted upon.  This allows for casual interaction between the delegates, staff and secretariat members. 

MUNAH does not set up gossip or confession boxes. No chairs, delegates or secretariat members are permitted to create such a document. 

Superlative forms are permitted but can only be created by the chairs of the committee and overseen by a secretariat member. The superlative form should not include any questions relating to appearance, dating, dictatorship, protected characteristics, etc.  

Everyone needs to be included during the FUNMUN activities.


For any complaints or if at any point prior, during and after the conference you notice that a participant goes against the actions mentioned in this document, please use the following resources to contact us. 


Anonymous Report Form:


Email us at: 

Orpheus MUN - - Yash Vineesh Bhatia (Secretary General)

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